Lady Gaga Blood & Semen Perfume

What would you imagine Lady Gaga's perfume might smell like? If you are thinking spoiled meat or dead flowers, then you are not far off. Gaga wants her new perfume to smell like ... blood and semen.

Yes, you read that right. She thinks that people will want to wear a scent inspired by blood. And semen.

Can't we just get that scent for free?

Lady Gaga hasn't offended me with her allegedly anti-Catholic videos or her meat bikinis or her desire to make everyone gay. I dig how "out there" she is and I appreciate her performance art. But I don't want to smell like blood and semen. Not now. Not ever. Sorry Gaga!


I'm sort of surprised that Gaga would make a scent at all. She seems like someone who would say she appreciates a natural body scent. I guess, in its own way, that is exactly what this is.

Much as I love perfume (and I have about a dozen bottles), I do appreciate the natural scent of my husband after a workout. I know that sounds weird, but there is something very enticing about that uber-masculine smell.

In college when I was living abroad, I dated a very sexy Brit who told me his favorite scent was "a recently unwashed woman." That was hot.

Much as it repulses me to admit it, Gaga might be onto something here. Perfume is traditionally about covering up the scents that make us human, and yet those really are the scents that appeal to us biologically. We're drawn to one another because of the pheromones in the air. That is part of biology and sexuality, so why not make a perfume that capitalizes on those scents? It makes more sense than covering them up!

That said, so much of our chemistry is individual. Those scents might appeal to us on some base, unconscious level, but we certainly aren't attracted to the smell of generic blood and semen. It has to be specific.

So, good luck to Gaga. I wonder if anyone will buy this. I know I won't.

Would you buy a perfume inspired by "blood and semen"?


Image via Domain Barnyard/Flickr

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