Barrettes Are Back for Spring. Is This a Good Thing?

BarretteThe Wall Street Journal has announced that come this spring ...


Specifically, the girly, gem-studded, vintage-y type barrettes you may remember wearing back in the mid-'90s.

And while I LOVED my dainty little barrette collection back when I was 21, I'm not sure how I feel about this news now that I'm 35.

Is there an age limit on girly barrettes?

Should there be?

What do you think?


The WSJ goes so far as to call the barrette "the unexpected toast of the beauty season."

Uh oh.

I'm picturing bunches of middle-aged women with grown-out Kate Gosselin 'dos, wearing little girl barrettes to pin back their bangs.

And I'm becoming very, very afraid.

That said, I am a fan of the barrette in general -- I just think the little girl barrette look is best left to ... little girls ... and those who can still pull off Hello Kitty accessories. A gem-encrusted barrette could look beautiful as an accent in any woman's hair (as long as it's not being used to pin it up in the front), and larger, classy-looking barrettes are a very attractive way to pin up a chignon.

I personally keep an arsenal of simple, large barrettes on hand and wear them whenever I wear a ponytail. While a hairband tends to pull my hair tightly back with no styling options, a barrette lets me keep things a little looser and more natural-looking.

What about you?

Barrette or no barrette? That is the question ...


Image via Etsy

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