Genevieve Morton at the Super Bowl: Does She Deserve VIP Status?

Some lucky Super Bowl-goers must be pretty psyched that in addition to a heated game of football, they get extra eye candy in the form of a Sports Illustrated and FHM covergirl and model named Genevieve Morton. She's just one of a handful of bikini-clad babes who will be helping the Black Eyed Peas host the sports mag's bash for Super Bowl XLV.

It's hard for just about anyone to resist shaking their groove thang when "I Got a Feeling" comes on. So, the Peas hosting a Super Bowl party totally makes sense. Geneiveve and her fellow swimsuit models? Yeah, I get it. It's not like we'd expect anything else from the event that brings us a bevy of sexist beer commercials every year. Nonetheless, it's clearly a move that makes the most sense ... for the guys.


Why? Because we women simply don't have a reason to care.

You might read that, like Dave Matthews, Genevieve Morton's from South Africa. Or that her friends call her "Little Miss Sunshine" (which I am assuming is NOT a nod to the 2006 film that stars the adorable Ms. Abigail Breslin rocking out to "Superfreak").

It's not like she's the next big fashion style icon, like Cindy Crawford or Heidi Klum. She's not a wannabe movie star, like Brooklyn Decker (who, admittedly, I didn't even know about until I read her cover story this month in SELF magazine). She isn't even known for making dumb but entertaining remarks on her own spin-off reality TV show.

She's just another blonde in a bikini. Yet, she's got a VIP invite to one of the biggest parties in Dallas this weekend.

But that's how our hubbies and boyfriends roll. They're never gonna shy away from staring at some primo T&A, especially at the Super Bowl.

Oh, well. What can we do? The guys who attend Sports Illustrated's bash this Friday will be salivating over boring bikini models, and your DH will stare nonstop at half-naked women on beer commercials all day Sunday. At least there's one woman who will serve as a saving grace to all the exploitative superficiality this weekend: Christina Aguilera, who will be singing the National Anthem on game day. She's one babe whose VIP status I totally support. Why? The bombshell-slash-songbird's got beauty and talent -- two traits that together give us ALL a reason to tune in.


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