Kim Kardashian Will 'Never' Pose Nude Again

Kim Kardashian is so upset about her W magazine shoot, in which she wore only silver paint, that she claims she will never pose nude again. Not even for Vogue!

This from a woman who has appeared in Playboy and, as Joel McHale has repeatedly reminded us, became "famous for having a big ass and a sex tape."

Is it possible Kardashian is really so hurt by being duped into appearing "more naked than I was in my Playboy" that she'll never take her clothes off in front of a camera again? Hey, maybe it's just like the Joaquin Phoenix-style celebrity hoax ... hip-hop mockumentary, here we go again! Really, who is she kidding?


Kim's tearful meltdown was captured in last night's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, as she reacted to the semi-naked pics that appeared on the cover and inside the November 2010 issue of W. Apparently, Kardashian was led to believe that images of "architecture and buildings and stuff" would somehow obscure her boobs, she explained.

Instead, the cover featured the words "It's All About Me, I Mean You, I Mean Me" scrawled across her privates and the spread displayed her in silver body paint with her hands covering her breasts. Kardashian called this "serious porn," but I call it a spread in W. I mean, architecture or no architecture, girlfriend had to know what she was getting into when she stripped down, right?

Not to mention how ironic it is that the article points out that she has no artistic talent, yet she is the cover of "The Art Issue" which also featured Salvador Dali. And Johnny Knoxville!

I have a feeling that if Vogue should come knocking on her door, she might change her tune. Seeing as she doesn't sing, act, or dance, perhaps Kardashian should stick to the one talent that's worked to get her so famous, and listen to her pal Justin Bieber: Never say never!

Do you buy that Kim Kardashian will never pose nude again?


Image via W Magazine

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