'Angry Birds' May Be Mad About Anne Hathaway's Outfit

Anne HathawayIt took me a while to realize what people were talking about when they said "Angry Birds." And they talk about it a lot! For awhile I thought it had something to do with all the dead birds dropping from the sky in Arkansas and elsewhere, but instead it's that video game my son played for awhile on my iPhone and quickly tired of. Seems like he's one of the only ones, however, as Angry Birds are THE rage.

It's one of the most popular mobile game apps ever (it's knocked up more than 75 million downloads), and it's even getting star power. Characters from the upcoming animated film Rio, starring Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway and George Lopez, are going to be incorporated into a new version of the game set to release in March -- Angry Birds Rio. Exciting news for fans.

More interesting to me personally, however, is what Anne Hathaway chose to wear while out and about promoting the film in Los Angeles yesterday. I have to ask: Was her outfit for the birds?


I actually love the pants. Paired with something simple and chic, I would totally wear those if I had the right occasion. I can't think of what the right occasion might be --  harem party, perhaps? -- but the pants are hot and certainly highlight her tiny waist.

The belly shirt, however, is so many shades of wrong. It just doesn't belong. I get the whole mismatched fashion trend and think it can look great, this DOES NOT.

The shoes make the whole thing even worse. They'd be lovely with a simple dress or jeans, but with harem pants and a belly shirt? Just bizarre. The necklace, I don't even know what that is besides the wrong accessory for that outfit.

I usually love Anne's style and think she looks gorgeous here ... from the neck up. The rest, leaves me wondering just what kind of fashion statement she was trying to make and just how angry those birds might be at her for presenting such a poor image while pimping their project.

Check out the trailer for the new game and see what you think:

What do you think of Anne Hathaway's outfit? Are you a fan of Angry Birds?

Image via Splash News

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