Halle Berry Launches Third Fragrance: Do You Own a Celebrity Perfume?

Halle BerryI stopped by Walgreen's this morning and noticed for the first time (while the cashier took an hour and a half to look for a coupon that didn't exist) how many celebrity fragrances were locked up behind the counter.

I also noticed that Halle Berry's fragrance was on deep discount.

That's why I was a little surprised to see that the actress is now adding a THIRD scent to her line. Called Reveal, she says of her new scent, "Reveal is an invitation for women to share their story, to reveal some parts of themselves that they have not yet expressed." 


I don't see women rushing to buy celebrity scents, so I have to wonder why every single starlet of any merit seems to have one.

You won't believe the list I found of celebrity endorsed scents- Check it out after the jump, and tell me in the comments if you own a celebrity scent- and if it lives up to the hype.


This person actually keeps tabs on every single scent endorsed by a celebrity- and since I don't want to spoil all that hard work, I'll simply direct you to the link. It is MIND BOGGLING.

As for celebs with their own signature scents, here are a few of the stranger ones who've released a fragrance all their own:

Jordin Sparks
Marilyn Manson
Tim McGraw
Derek Jeter
Andy Warhol
Andy Roddick
Carlos Santana
Donald Trump
David Beckham
Kim Kardashian
Kathy Hilton

Crazy, right?

Which celeb fragrance would you buy???


Image via Halle Berry Fragrances

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