H&M Goes Online? Thanks, But No Thanks

H&MH&M tweeted this morning that at the beginning of 2012, we'll be able to purchase their clothes online. Yay?

Nay. This is not that exciting. I love Love LOVE online shopping, don't get me wrong, but H&M doesn't have the consistency nor the quality for me to feel comfortable buying anything of theirs without seeing it. And don't get me started on their sizing issues. I have H&M designs in my closet that range from size 4 to size 12, and it has nothing to do with my weight.

If convenience is what they're trying to hype, I don't buy that, either. What's convenient about paying shipping and handling for a top worth 10 bucks?

An H&M e-commerce site is only good news if they're going to step up their overall quality, durability, and uniformity of the brand.


Here's the deal with H&M. You go into the store, pick up a super trendy and super cheap top, take four different sizes into the dressing room, take one home, wear it, wash it, wear it, and toss it. That is the H&M way.

You cannot guess with H&M. You cannot assume anything. You cannot put 10 items in your virtual cart and expect to be happy with more than two. That is the H&M way.

I will buy H&M online under two conditions: 1) If they become consistent and 2) If they offer free to and from shipping. Oh, and 3) If they send me coupons for free things.

It would be silly in NYC to buy H&M online -- there's a brick-and-mortar store in almost every neighborhood. And if you're crying because there's no store near you, good news! They're opening an additional 250 doors this year. So wait for the store, don't buy online. You'll be disappointed. That's the H&M way.

Will you buy H&M online? (The right answer is 'no.')


Photo via reiner.kraft/Flickr

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