Best. News. Ever.

Lindsay Ferrier
Beauty & Style

TwitterOkay, okay, so maybe finding out you're finally pregnant or learning that you won the lottery is even better news, but this at least qualifies as the best Tweet I've seen all year.

H&M sells trendy and fantastically inexpensive clothes for men, women, and children -- and it's FINALLY, FINALLY going online!

The fact that we'll have to wait until next year is annoying, but whatevs.

H&M is going online!!!! Woo hoo!

Wondering what to expect? Well, here are a few current looks and prices that are in stores now:







It looks like it'll be a good place to buy basics and mix low in with high.

And to be honest, I'm most excited about their children's clothes, which are stylish and affordable -- a mix that's often hard to find in the children's clothing world.

What do you think about H&M's impending foray into online retail?

Images via Twitter and H&M

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