Top 5 Worst Valentine's Day Presents

Teddy BearHere's a fun one, girls! ShopRunner, a members-only online shopping service, polled its members and asked for the worst Valentine's Day presents they'd ever gotten.

The top five winners are pretty funny, but I have to admit that what made number one is truly awful! 

But let's start with number five:

A tacky teddy bear.

What girl hasn't gotten a crappy Valentine's Day teddy bear at some point in her dating history? Let's hope that for most of us, it happened in junior high!

Read the rest of the countdown, chime in with your own answer, and read mine ... after the jump!



Fake RosesNothing says "I picked this up at the gas station on the way over here" like a fake rose wrapped in plastic, and that's probably why artificial flowers were number four on the list!


Fake Gold NecklaceEvery girl loves jewelry for V-Day ... unless it's fake. If you can't afford the real thing, skip this option, men. Artificial gold necklaces were number three on the list.



Almost nothing's worse than getting nothing on Valentine's Day. That's why number two is ... nothing. You poor girl.

ScaleBut the number one worst Valentine's Day present is ... a scale. I mean come on, men. Do you really think you're going to get laid any time soon if you give this to your sweetie? GAH.

I don't remember getting anything particularly horrible for Valentine's Day, but one year a guy I was dating when I was a sophomore in high school used Valentine's Day as Revenge Day after I had made it crystal clear that he wasn't getting past first base. He took the opportunity on that day of romance to ask my best friend to Junior-Senior Prom. AND SHE WENT, after phoning me first to say that even though she knew he had asked her just to hurt me, she was going anyway because she thought it would be fun. (That was my infamous Shitty Friend, for those of you who are wondering. And that story, by the way, has a very satisfying epilogue.)

But my favorite hilarious Valentine's Day story involves my sixth grade boyfriend. We had been together, like, forever. For Valentine's Day, I really splurged and bought him the new Glass Tiger cassette release and a really cute pencil with a fuzzy teddy bear on top that had PS I LOVE YOU stamped on it. A day or two later, though, I decided to break up with him, so I broke the news to him in a note, of course! His response came the next day in the form of a sealed envelope with the PS I LOVE YOU pencil inside, broken in half. BUT HE TOTALLY KEPT THE GLASS TIGER CASSETTE.

The nerve!

So what's the worst V-Day present you've ever gotten? Does anything stand out in your mind?


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