Pardon Me as I Fixate on a Pair of Jeans

MadewellI don't often fixate on items of clothing, shoes, or accessories, so when it happens, I almost always end up buying them.

My latest fixation? This pair of Madewell Vintage Rocker Jeans.

They're the perfect way to transition from the skinny jeans I now love to the wider legged pants you're going to see everywhere by fall.

They are so. Cool. They will always look retro-hip, no matter what kind of jeans trend is going on. And while they're pricey at $110, they're not completely out of the question.

Time for me to sell some eggs from mah henhouse!

Now. If you haven't checked out Madewell yet, you REALLY need to.

Not only is it a brand favored by the world's hippest hipsters (check out the latest Madewell model, for example, Dree Hemingway), it's also *gasp* mom-friendly!

Read on to see four reasons why ...



MadewellYou could so rock this anchors away dress (Madewell, $95) this spring. I actually prefer the white-stripes-on-black version of this dress, but they only show the white version on a model.


MadewellThe fashion mags have been raving over this cadet cardi (Madewell, $110) and I'm loving it, too. It's a perfect jacket/sweater hybrid and a great choice for spring.


MadewellThis faded stripes dolman tee (Madewell, $45) just looks totally cool, and yet I bet it would go with lots of things in your wardrobe, from jeans to a black skirt. Love.


MadewellI'm also loving this Scholar Satchel (Madewell, $148). You can add at least 50 points to your IQ by carrying this bag, I'm pretty sure.

Madewell's not for everyone, but if you have a casual, minimalist style (and plenty of moms do, whether they like it or not!), it's a great option. Check out the sale page for some really great deals. Use the code LOVEIT on a sale order of $100 or more and you'll get an extra 30% off AND free shipping!

What do you think of Madewell and the jeans I've gotta have?

Images via Madewell

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