22 Items in Your Closet You Need to Toss!

Messy ClosetFor the past 25 years, I've stood in front of my closet every morning and thought the same two questions: What the hell is for breakfast, and what should I wear?

I've found, to my disappointment, that the answers haven't changed much over the years: "Oatmeal" and "Not that, not that, and definitely not that." Which begs the larger question: why do I hoard all these clothes in here if I'm never, ever going to wear them?

Researchers in the U.K. decided to dive head first into the subject matter, and their findings are comforting: The average woman has 22 garments in her closet that she'll never wear and refuses to throw out.

I'm not alone!


I want to see if the clothes you don't wear are similar to mine, and if your reasons are similar to mine. Here's a list of just about half thing things I've got gathering dust:

  • Jeans from college -- Maybe I'll fit into them again! You never know ...
  • Old sneakers -- What if someone asks me to go hike in the mud?
  • Broken sandal -- I'll get it fixed this summer, I swear.
  • One billion t-shirts from summer camps, team building exercises, and high school -- Nostalgia, and the fact that I may need an old shirt to paint in, is keeping these around.
  • A hippie, flowy top with sequins -- Could be used for Halloween costume in a pinch.
  • A dress six inches too short -- It's worth $5,000 and I got it for free.
  • Red rain jacket -- In case my tan one fails, obviously.
  • Six inch high-heels -- I have no idea, actually, I should give these away.
  • A smathering of H&M tops -- They were cheap and I could maybe wear them on casual Fridays ...
  • Pink cigarette jeans -- I could, for a first, feel spicy one night.

That's just a fair sampling of the mess that is my life.

What's in your closet you could get rid of, but won't?

Photo via Lara604/Flickr

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