Is 36 the Perfect Age for a Woman's Face?

Lindsay LohanWhen my friend Jessica told me she was getting Botox, I thought she was joking. At 27, what did she need that for? Jess defended herself with phrases like "preventative" and "self-confidence" and "everyone's doing it," but I wasn't convinced.

Then I found this article by Eva Wiseman for the Guardian that made an excellent observation.

Wiseman claims that a 36-year-old face is becoming year-zero for women. While in the past women over 40 have gotten Botox or fillers to look younger, plastic surgeons are now noticing a trend for women under 30 who get Botox to look ..."done." So 50-year-olds are looking 36, and 20-year-olds are looking 36.

Are we going to be an expressionless, plastic mass of former women, wandering the streets with lips thicker than footballs and foreheads tighter than a new pair of Spanx?


If the trend continues, then yes, yes we are.

Hollywood youngsters like Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Montag aren't the only ones looking "done." Twenty percent of Botox patients in the U.S. are under 34, which means there are a lot of 25-year-olds out there who look like 45-year-old cougars. Including, I hate to say, my friend Jessica.

I have to wonder, though, are we really fooling anyone? The face-filled look isn't "ageless" to me ... it's scary. I can understand it for the plus-40 set who wants to look a little less tired, but I cannot grasp why the under-30 set wants to intentionally look like they've had work done. Whatever happened to subtly? It used to be that if you had something done, you wouldn't want it to be obvious.

At the rate this trend is catching on, plastic surgeons will be handing out "I Plumped!" stickers that patients can wear as proudly as they'd announce, "I Voted!"

What do you think of the trend to look "done"?

Photo via congaman (Dave)/Flickr

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