The Bird Poop Facial: Would You Get One?

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Shizuku SpaYou are witnessing a woman receiving a $180 facial treatment that uses the key ingredient of ...

Bird poop.


Bird poop.

The Geisha Facial (a.k.a. Bird Poop Facial) is currently offered at the Shizuka New York Day Spa and other locations around the world.

According to Shizuka:

The Geisha Facial ($180, 60 min.), a.k.a. Bird Poop Facial, uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients to soften, brighten, and nourish the facial complexion. The most crucial ingredient in these unique facials is uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings), once a secret known only to traditional kabuki actors and the Geisha themselves.


This is almost making the Scott-Vincent Borba's $7,000 facial look like a really good idea!

The Daily News reports that both David and Victoria Beckham are fans of the Bird Poop Facial and, fortunately, we don't have to worry about Posh Spice getting some kind of Bird Flu from the poo germs being put on her face. Shizuka reassures its potential clientele that the bird poop has been "sanitized through exposure to ultraviolet light before being milled to a fine powder."

In other words, don't collect droppings from your windowsill and try this at home.


I do love the fact that Shizuka Spa has a sense of humor about it. Check out this video they made explaining the procedure:


Ultraviolet light, nightingales, and Geishas aside, though ...

I think I'm going to pass on the Bird Poop Facial.

What about you?


Image via Shizuka New York Day Spa

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Elizabeth Pattison

Will I look 10 years younger after the facial? If not, then I will pass. HAHAH.

Erin Chambers Davis

Makes me think of bat Botox from Ella Enchanted.

Marsh... MarshaCWP

I thought geishas used this stuff to whiten the complexion.  I'm white enough, thank you, and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't put bird poop on my face, sterilized or not.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Lol. No, I would not get a bird poop facial.  I like how the name is "uguisu no fun." That made me laugh :D

Carrie Yi

lol!! Why pay $180 when I could go to a park and have a bird crap on my face for free!!

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