Lingerie for Women Who've Had C-Sections: Why I Don't Like It

SexCiesI got an e-mail yesterday about SexCies, lingerie designed especially for women who've had c-sections or abdominal surgery.

The SexCies "CorCelette," which will be available for sale January 31, is essentially shapewear disguised as lingerie. Its "Fold Flattener" targets the fold of skin that hangs over most women's c-section scars.

And while it seems like a great idea on its surface, there's one major aspect of this lingerie that's really bothering me.


SexCies lingerie "is especially designed to be worn during intimate times."

Because ...


And I get this sentiment. I really do. I like the idea of shapewear designed as lingerie and I'm a big fan of the babydoll cut now that I've had children.

But shapewear that's made to stay on during sex? That bothers me. According to the website, "A removable panty portion allows for access during intimate times ... no need to undress in front of your partner, the SexCies Corset/Waist-Changer stays on the entire time!"

There's nothing wrong with keeping your clothes on during the deed every now and then, but I don't like the idea of a company appealing to women who feel so ugly after having surgery (or babies) that they don't want to undress at all during sex. I know many women feel this way at least sometimes, but it's an issue we need to work through, not give into!

Besides, I'm betting 99% of the husbands out there aren't thinking of your c-section scar or your belly flab at all when the two of you are getting busy, and if he is, well, he's the one with issues. Most husbands in their 30s and beyond have a little flab themselves, and you don't see them wearing shapewear to bed!

Why should we?

What do you think of the SexCies concept?

Images via SexCies

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