Waity Katie Gets the Prince AND Her Own Nail Color?!

Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamJust when I think I couldn't be any more jealous of Kate Middleton, she goes and gets a nail color named after her. Gah! She gets everything! The Prince, the royal coin (hey, I think it's cool), and now this. I guess I'm happy for her ... I guess.

Seattle-based company Butter LONDON is behind the product and it'll be available for pre-order in March on zuneta.com. Known for their toxic-free polishes, Butter LONDON believes in Great Britain, fashion, and rock and roll. Who doesn't?

Kate's nail polish will be a glittery grayish-blue shade, which means I already want it, now. Thank you.

But wait til you hear what they're calling this special-edition color for Kate ...


No More Waity, Katie.

"Can you do two coats of No More Waity, Katie please?" I guess it kinda rolls off the tongue, which is probably why the nickname Waity Katie has stuck with Middleton through her eight-year courtship with Prince William. (I'll be honest, when I first heard the nickname, I thought it was Weighty Katie. As in she's not a stick. Oops.)

Anyway, I think Butter LONDON could've been a tad more creative with the Kate Middleton inspired polish name. Like, say, for example:

  • I Look Like Katie Holmes
  • My Bling Is Bigger Than Your Country
  • Dating a Commoner Sucks, I Hear
  • Haha You're Poor, Princesses Are Rich
  • Please No Servants, I Want to Cook This Omelette Myself
  • Anyone Seen My Pony?

And last but not least: "Finally! A Matey for Katie."

What do you think Butter LONDON should've called Kate's namesake polish?

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