Christian Dior Haute Couture: Enjoy the Fantasy

Christian DiorObviously, I spend most of my time here on fashion that we can actually afford.

But sometimes, art transcends realism.

John Galliano's haute couture shows for Christian Dior fall into this category -- I don't expect to go out and buy one of his amazing gowns myself, but I do expect them to be on display some day in museums around the world.

As an added bonus, many more reasonable designers take cues from his inspiration, so Christian Dior shows are a great place to spot trends early on and buy them up later at prices you can afford.

Check out this look, for example. Full, retro skirts are still hot! Red is a key clothing color! And red lipstick continues to rule the runways!

All in all, it looks like spring is going to be a lot of fun.

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Christian DiorI'm totally taken by this 1950s-style gown. It's the kind of thing I could imagine Grace Kelly wearing in full technicolor at the top of a grand staircase. *Sigh*

Christian DiorAnd while bursts of bright color are going to be HUGE this spring/summer (and fall, for that matter), neutrals also continue to figure into the game, as a sort of yin to the color yang. That's great news for those of you who prefer a more muted wardrobe.

Christian DiorNot a fan of the full skirt? No problem! '40s-style straight skirts also heavily figure into the spring/summer look. The key this upcoming season is to keep it long. From knee-length to calf-length all the way down to the maxi skirt, longer is the look now. Store your minis away for another year.

Want to see more photos of this amazing haute couture show? Here's a fabulous gallery of shots from the show. In short, I. Die.

What do you think of Galliano's creations? Do these photos get you excited about spring?


Images via Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images

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