The Nike Gladiateur 2: Oh My Fug.

NikeJust when I thought athletic shoes couldn't get any uglier ...

I found this.

The Nike Gladiateur 2. For women.

And this is about the tamest version Nike offers in this style.

I'm sure it's comfortable, but people.



This is what Nike is offering for Spring 2011. The Gladiateur 2s are $80 per pair, and they've already sold out in cobalt blue and white. And of course, the Gladiateur 2s are only available because of the success of the Gladiateur 1s.




I feel like I'm missing out on something here.

How is it that people find these sandals desirable? If you are one of those people, then please, by all means.

School me.

Because I'm not getting this look at all. Gladiator sandals on their own are ugly enough. To try and transform them into athletic shoes is just plain wrong.

What do you think about the Gladiateur 2?


Image via Nike

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