Rihanna Gets a Crazy New 'Do

RihannaOh, Rihanna.

Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna.

I feel a bit like a grandmother right now, because all I want to say about this so-called 'stylish' new 'do is this:

You have such a pretty face, dear. Why cover it up with ALL THAT HAIR?

I actually like the poufy look -- I just wish she would pin it back or pull it up or something.

I want to see those pretty eyes, Rihanna.

But what do you ladies think?

Are you loving Rihanna's new look?

Or loathing it?


The strangest thing of all is that I really feel sometimes like Rihanna is inspired by circus clowns.

You laugh, but there is so much evidence that points to my hypothesis. Check it out:

Exhibit A: Rihanna's clown suit.

Exhibit B: Rihanna's other clown suit.

Exhibit C: Rihanna's clown underwear.

Exhibit D: Rihanna's clown-in-bondage suit.

There's more, but I've ... got a life.

At any rate, are you feeling Rihanna's new 'do?


Image via Splash News

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