What Was Your Worst-Ever Wardrobe Malfunction?

Paris HiltonNearly all of us have suffered a wardrobe malfunction from time to time -- and all I have to say about it is thank God for celebrities.

The paparazzi has caught everyone from Miley Cyrus to Maria Menounos in highly embarrassing states of disarray -- and some starlets like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have practically made a second career out of showing more than they'd ostensibly intended.

That makes me feel better about the time in college when I walked to class completely unaware that my boob (which was in a non-see-through bra, fortunately) had worked its way out of my shirt, or the time in elementary school when I was standing on the balance beam and the elastic on my shorts broke.

But now I want to know about your all-time most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Share it in the comments, read about a truly bizarre wardrobe malfunction that happened to a CafeMom reader, and watch my all-time favorite wardrobe malfunction video ... after the jump.


Here's The Stir reader Jennifer's story ...

Yesterday I spent my day at my son's school orientation to see the school my son would be going to. I walked into the bathroom before the presentation. When I walked out I closed the door and checked my cell phone for a call from my son. So I just started walking to find my son who didn't answer his phone and my dress stuck in the bathroom door.

It was torn into about 10 pieces and I just stood there exposed in a black thong and my bra. Everyone started laughing and I started to get all red and embarrassed. So I was stranded with no clothes on and I couldn't find my son who wandered off into the school. I had to search the school with just a thong and a bra on. Finally 20 minutes later I found my son who didn't want to be seen with me. Just great. Not.

Could this possibly be TRUE? What do you think? It definitely makes for a good story.

As for Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction of All Time Award, this woman gets my vote:

It's awful, but I never get tired of watching this video. If that were my son, I'D TOTALLY DISINHERIT HIM.

And now it's your turn. Tell me about your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Come on, don't be shy ...


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