Weekend Scents: What Fragrance Are You?

Photo from Polyvore

I don't know about you, but I need to catch my breath this weekend! Phew! Long week. I know when the kids are home it's hard to get anything done, which is why I thought it made sense to have pretty scents be a part of my Saturday and Sunday (or any day for that matter). I'm really loving the natural smells of fruits, flowers, and veggies. Just spritz or slather and go...even if you're not going anywhere!

Take my quiz to see what scent you choose says about you!


You're a Cranberry Cutie if you're a supermom with a long list of to-dos that you always seem to get done. You love the outdoors especially in Fall, and you never turn down a cupcake. You'll love: Philosophy's 3-in-1 Ultra Rich Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath in Cranberry Orange ($16 from Drugstore.com). 

You're a Vanilla Vixen if take advantage of every moment you have alone and aren't afraid to go for what you want. You have candles in every room, and you love a bargain, but you also don't mind splurging. You'll love: Bath & Body Works Vanilla Noir Lotion ($10.50).

Photo by Mommy2life

You're Cooler Than a Cucumber if you're clearing the calendar for some bonding time with your mate (cucumbers act as aphrodisiacs). You don't mind getting your hands dirty (or your mind, wink wink) and you love an adventure. You'll love: AnitaCraftCreations' Sweet Cucumber Melon Body Splash ($5 from CafeMom Mommy2life).

You're an Amorous Apple if you like to slip into something sexy once the night falls, but you're a busy bee during the day. You're great at balancing work and family, and still manage to get in a little "me" time, too. You'll love: DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Delights ($38 from Sephora).

This weekend, I am an Amorous Apple. Which one are you?

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