Do Bald Spots Matter?

Prince WilliamDid Prince William seal the deal with Kate Middleton because he was worried about his impending chrome dome?

Sounds a bit silly to me- The future king of England could probably land anyone he wanted, with or without a bald spot- but some are questioning whether he put a rush order on the marriage because of the fact that his hair is thinning at an alarming rate.

The New York Times even wrote an article about the fact that today's men seem more sensitive about balding than ever-- and I'd have to agree with this sentiment.

The real question is, what do you, the ladies, think about it?


I have to admit that in my early to mid-20s, I would not initially have found a balding man attractive-- only because the typical balding male is middle aged and that's not exactly something most 20-something girls are pursuing-- but as I got older, I don't think it would have mattered.

The New York Times article came to that conclusion as well. While women might not be eyeing up that balding guy at the bar for a one-night-stand, male pattern baldness is the least of ladies' worries when it comes to deciding whether a guy is marriage material.

As for how balding guys are handling their plight, I will say that I'm getting really annoyed by the number of balding men who shave their entire head rather than have a bald spot on top. For one thing, only about one in ten men have heads that really work with that look- the rest just look stupid. For another, dude, we can still see the stubble that shows where you're bald and where your hair should be. You're fooling no one.

I guess I would like to see more men bald gracefully, sans the shaving and the comb-over, much as I'd like to see less Botox in women.

But what do you think about balding men? Would it stop you from dating a guy when you were (or if you still are) single? Is your opinion about balding changing as you age? Should guys care so much about their bald spots?

These are the questions that really matter.


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