Alize Cornet See Through Top Was Just a Wardrobe Malfunction!

Alize Cornet

This outfit should pass inspection

The Australian Open is taking place in Melbourne right now and apparently the female attire has got the officials (and some of those in the crowd) in an uproar. Well, at least the attire being worn by Alize Cornet and Venus WIlliams (who pulled out of competition because of an injury, not her clothing).

But let's focus on Alize, because what we are really talking about is just a severe wardrobe malfunction, not an intentional, "take a look at my boobies."

Let me explain ...


Officials in Melbourne and Margaret Court, a veteran of the sport, have expressed their disgust because Alize Cornet wore a white top and a short skirt. The outfit may have been forgivable; however, Alize had the bad luck of sweating through her white top, revealing ... wait for it ... her bra. So now officials will pre-approve all of Cornet's outfits going forward. Simple enough! But what I want to know is if they are going to wet them to see how they stand up to a sweat-filled match. And will they also examine her undergarments. Will they tell her the g-string is absolutely not allowed or that her briefs are the wrong color. Because we know from Venus, earlier in the week, that underwear can be a problem. Will they insist on an under-wire bra? I am curious what exactly would qualify for the up-to $2,000 fine players will get if they dress inappropriately. Are the exact limitations of the dress code written down somewhere?

How boring would it be if everyone started dressing like they have to at Wimbledon? I agree that it is about the sport and not the outfits ... but unless you are going to give these players uniforms they are free to make their very own (in some cases, bad) decisions.

Do you care what these players wear?


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