Shaving Face: Even the Stars Are Doing It!

bearded womanI've heard of waxing, plucking, and threading as options for facial hair removal, but shaving? No way! It will come back darker and thicker, everyone knows that. But guess what, says esthetician to the stars, Kate Somerville, everyone is wrong -- dun Dun DUN!

That's right, shaving your face is totally cool to do now. I must admit that I thought Caroline Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey was a little nutty for admitting she shaves her face, because, hey, anyone crazy enough to go on reality TV should not be allowed to dole out advice on anything. But I guess she was on to something.

And Caroline isn't the only one up on the trend. Apparently super-famous female stars have shaved their beards, too!


In an interview with, Somerville -- who got the scoop from her former-boss, Elizabeth Taylor's personal dermatologist -- says Taylor and Marilyn Monroe both shaved their million-dollar faces to get rid of the hair and to exfoliate.

Really? Could it be that maybe they just didn't have any better options? I'm no 1960s expert, but I'm just going to assume that there wasn't a threading or a waxing place on every street corner like there is now. I don't know how many times a sweet man under 5'3" has tried to hand me a flier about a new salon that offers hair removal.

So what are we to assume here? That razor sales are down and Gillette has sponsored a plug? Or that we should all go out and buy a triple-blade gel-grip razor to shave our freaking faces. Listen, I need another body part to shave like I need another email from my sister reminding me I owe her money. At some point we've got to stop the bleeding.

Are you going to shave your pretty face?

Photo via anthonyturducken/Flickr

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