Got a Few Grand Just Lying Around? Get Yourself a $7,000 Facial! EDITED with Scott-Vincent Borba's Response!

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Mila Kunis
The Face That Cost Seven Grand
has revealed that Black Swan star Mila Kunis prepared for the Golden Globes by getting a $7,000 facial.

No. That wasn't a typo.

Her facial cost $7,000.

Esthetician Scott-Vincent Borba (what a name) calls it the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel because, well, it uses diamonds and rubies -- rubies as antioxidants and diamonds for sheen.

*cough* *cough* I call bullsh#t *cough* *cough*

In a time when so many in our country are experiencing debt, layoffs, and bankruptcy, a $7,000 facial just disgusts me, to be honest.

So for those of you considering a $7,000 facial for yourselves, here are a few other ways you could choose to spend that money ...

Compassion InternationalFor $7,000, you could sponsor 15 impoverished children around the world for one year through Compassion International!


Second Harvest$7,000 could provide 28,000 meals for hungry Americans through Second Harvest Food Bank!


Heifer International$7,000 would buy 58 goats for families in Africa through!


Red CrossOr $7,000 could provide three nights of food, housing, and emergency assistance for seven families displaced by disaster through the Red Cross!

Sounds pretty good, right? But why do any of these things WHEN YOU COULD GET YOURSELF A BLINGY BLING FACIAL?!


Scott-Vincent Borba himself responsed in the comments with this comment:

Wow. pretty harsh words there coming from someone who probably believes everything they read without taking the time to actually research what they're referencing. Glad you hate my name too. To set the record straight, Mila did not spend 7k on the facial. It is what it will cost when I launch it in my studio. This is not a commercial treatment. This treatment is for close ups when make up is used (that is how I'm designing it). Please fact check your info and my wonderful publicists are always there if I'm not around. Mila is a wonderful person, is not extravagant, socially conscious and very sweet and loving. Just setting the record straight. FYI, my machines, the rare materials, my time and set up is what it is - very expensive because it serves a particular function for a group of people who require the results- The same as doctors, lawyers, newscasters, professional athletes, etc... Please be kind in your words in the future. Thank you.


I never assumed Mila herself had to pay $7,000. Obviously, Scott-Vincent, you did it gratis for the publicity, right? And I'm assuming you also had your wonderful publicists feed the info to InStyle because you wanted publicity. And BONUS! You're getting more publicity here- Anyone Googling a "$7,000 facial" for themselves will find this post and instantly know where to go!

All I did with this post was report what InStyle reported (with credit) and give my opinion on a $7,000 facial. That's the thing about publicity, Scott-Vincent. People are going to have opinions on it. Some good, some bad. Some have agreed with me in these comments, some haven't, and you know what? I'm okay with that. It comes with the territory.

Good luck with your $7,000 facial. I personally believe that's sort of like pouring a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose down the toilet, but that's simply my opinion. I'm sure you will have men and women beating your door down, clamoring to get a $7,000 facial for themselves, and I wish you and them great happiness and personal satisfaction.


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Compassion International, Second Harvest,, Red Cross

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joyma... joymama123

I would never spend money like that on a facial, but it's really none of our business how anyone else spends their money. Maybe she regularly gives to charity and as a star with the money that is left over can afford a $7000 facial no problem. I will never understand people who get all up in arms over another person and the ways in which they choose to spend their money. My hubs and I are very fortunate & I personally find disgusting the number of people (close friends and strangers) who say things to us like, "why do you need a 6000 sq. ft. home, what could you possibly need 20 acres of land for, why would you buy a vacation home in Aspen, etc." It's none of their damn business. We are VERY generous to local charities, we pay all our bills on time and carry no debt. We purchased an historic home and have managed the land in an environmentally responsible and productive manner. We wanted to provide our family and friends with a beautiful and relaxing vacaation spot. Who cares??Once a person has taken care of the responsibilities they have made for themselves like children and home, etc. it certainly is not their job to support the rest of the world. 

butte... butterflyfreak

I agree that I would never spend that kind of money on a facial, mostly because I've never HAD that much money at one time. Even if I did have that kind of money, I probably wouldn't spend that much on a facial. BUT I agree with the previous poster that it is NONE of our damn business how she chooses to spend her money. It's HER money to do with as she pleases!

lovin... lovinangels

a little sugar works wonders....really...

nonmember avatar Anon

I love it when people tell others that THEY should give THEIR money to still other unfortunate people. How come nobody gets on here and says, "I saved up $7K for charity and this is who all I gave it to"? We have plenty of articles about "I bought these great boots," "I want that great dress," "everyone run and check out this great new line." But if you're successful, you need to give your money away, and I'm gonna decide if I approve of whom you give it to! Well, I have $7,000+ and I was not planning on asking you how I should use it! BTW, any $7K I spend goes back into the economy and ends up keeping working people employed. Whether I spend it on my maid service or buy food for a homeless shelter.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Okay, so if it's none of our business, why is she telling In Style and why are you reading about it? LOL

lovin... lovinangels

LOL- this is decadence at it's finest. Sure, she's got the money, she can spend it however she likes...but raising an eyebrow is surely okay as well.

Pesky freedom of speech.

nonmember avatar Anon

BTW, how come nobody says such things about unsuccessful people? "Hey, you know all that money you spend on cigarettes, booze, drugs, alcohol, extra shoes, disposable diapers, junk food, cover charges, unwholesome movies, electronics bought on credit, the extra gas it takes to drive over 55, and the health problems you're creating with all of that? You should be giving that money to the Right to Life Organization and Focus on the Family! Mend your ways and hand it over!

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I was just telling a friend on Facebook, I get spending $7,000 on something special that will last at least a few years or even on a lifechanging experience if you've got the funds...   But A FACIAL? Seriously?!

nonmember avatar Anon

I would bet that whatever you would spend $7K on would not be something I would spend $7K on, but that should not matter, should it? I've seen people spend an extra $7K on all kinds of stupid things (in my opinion). Some people would probably say the same thing about me. That's why it's better not to criticize unless it's MY money that's being spent (e.g., tax/spend wealth transfer).

lovin... lovinangels

Oh, come on, anon, people complain about the way poor people spend their money, too. I see it all the time around here.

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