Breastfeeding T-Shirts: Yay or Nay?

Breastfeeding teeAll this talk today about Miranda Kerr's breastfeeding photo got me thinking about a related topic:

Breastfeeding t-shirts.

I'm all for breastfeeding. I breastfed both of my children.

But I really, really hate breastfeeding t-shirts, like this "Sourmilk Parfum" one, for example. I mean, seriously? This is supposed to be funny? It makes me want to vomit.

I considered breastfeeding to be a very private burden I shouldered for the sake of my children, and while I was honored to be able to do it, you can bet I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a t-shirt bragging about it ... or worse, putting a breastfeeding t-shirt on one of my kids.

Agree with me or disagree -- regardless, I think you'll all be entertained by these breastfeeding t-shirts I turned up on the web. Would you wear one?


Let Down DivaAre you a Let Down Diva? (Please say no.)


Milking MachineOr maybe you just want people to think of you as a Milking Machine.


Breastfeeding capHow about this "hilarious" pro-breastfeeding cap for your husband? *dry heave*


The LactivistOh now this is tasteful ... let's sexualize breastfeeding and all have a good laugh!


EtsyBe sure to take a picture of your kid in this shirt if you buy it for him. You'll need it for his Senior Yearbook ad.

Would you wear a breastfeeding t-shirt? Would you put one on your kid?


Images (top to bottom): Milk Mommy, Milk Mommy, Mommies Tees, The Lactivist, The Lactivist, Etsy

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