Kristen Stewart Lands February 'Vogue' Cover and I'm Annoyed

Kristen Stewart VogueThe fashion world is buzzing over Kristen Stewart's appearance on the February cover of Vogue.

Check out this leaked image of the magazine from The Fashion Spot's message board.

It seems people can't get enough of this famously reclusive young starlet, but I'll be honest.

I am soooooo over her.

Sure, she's perfect in the role of Bella Swan, but I've come to believe that's only because SHE'S PLAYING HERSELF.

Let's see you play a role that doesn't require looking constipated and mumbling your lines!

Can't do it, can you Kristen?

What do you think of Miss I-Want-to-Be-Alone?


I for one would like to hear her shut her pie-hole about not having enough privacy.

She has been an actress since she was a kid. She KNOWS it comes with the territory. She has had more than enough time to choose another profession if she couldn't handle the attention.

She's constantly quoted as saying that acting isn't a big deal and that she'd love to be a writer ...

So why are you acting, Kristen? Stop acting and start writing. I guarantee the paparazzi will stop taking your photos and you'll be able to go to a mall unharassed shortly thereafter.

The fact that she continues to appear in Twilight sequels and on magazine covers makes it seem like she's talking out of both sides of her mouth, you know?

Am I being too harsh here? What do you think of Kristen Stewart? One-hit wonder or up-and-coming actress? And is she someone you're excited about seeing on the cover of Vogue?


Image via The Fashion Spot

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