Supermodel Miranda Kerr Makes Breastfeeding Photo Public. Is This Too Much?

Miranda KerrBreastfeeding.

Outside the world of parenting, it's got kind of a bad rap. Sure most people admit it's good for babies, but many, many, many child-free men and women see the actual act of breastfeeding as ... well ... kinda gross.

That's why I was so excited to see that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's first photo of their newborn son features the Victoria's Secret supermodel ... BREASTFEEDING.

It's nice as a mom to see a woman who's viewed as one of the sexiest, most desirable women alive nursing her child -- and looking damn good doing it, I might add.

Want to know what she and Orlando named their new son? Read on!

His name is ...



Sounds good to me -- not too common and not too ridiculous.

I'm liking the Blooms more and more.

Flynn weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces at birth and Miranda gave birth naturally. She says on her blog at the Kora Organics website, "It was a long, arduous, and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him."

I'm guessing there are plenty of pregnant women out there who wouldn't mind if Orlando wanted to help them through labor, too ...

I digress.

What do you think of Miranda's breastfeeding photo? Brave or blecchhh?


Image via Kora Organics

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Katie Sasso

I love breastfeeding photo's that are beautifully done like this. People who can't separate the sexual nature of breasts with the nurturing nature of them need to get some help. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

I love it!! She had a pretty big baby for her first : )

miche... micheledo

Beautiful photo!

Deweymom Deweymom

Lovely! (and I'm jealous...I could never master the laying down nursing position! Lol)

jagam... jagamama0710

I love it! It's beautiful. It just looks so natural, not faked or posed or anything. What a sweet baby. :)

I can't fathom how anyone could think this pic is blech. If they do, they need to grow the hell up.

nonmember avatar Ash

It's not brave; it's just a beautiful photo of something perfectly normal. And lucky her for mastering the side-lying position already. That was the best day of my life.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

2 thumbs up!!! So glad to see a celeb flaunting something positive! Breasts are for baby first! :)

sstepph sstepph


Rachel Molder

she's definately my hero for the year!  thats a big baby to birth naturally!!  beautiful photo.

nonmember avatar Vee

How is it brave for someone renowned for being physically perfect to post a photo like this?

The rest of us don't look nearly so fabulous when posting our own post-baby pictures.

Frankly this just comes off as smarmy to me.

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