Venus Williams Revealing Skirts: A Short History

Venus Williams short skirtAnother match means another chance to show some leg for Venus Williams. Oh, and some crotch and a little booty, too.

Williams, who won her first round match against Sara Errani of Italy during the 2011 Australian Open at Melbourne Park Monday, is really struttin' her stuff for the Aussies and has the media buzzing on her latest ensemble choice.

You go girl, shake whatchyo mamma gave ya! Sure, she's looking a little bit conservative here in this light blue dress made of mesh and satin that she designed herself. Nothing too scandalous, right? Well -- wait 'til you see what happens when she turns up the heat.







It all started out calm and collected at the 2009 U.S. Open:

Venus Williams skirt

Her skirt here seems a normal length. Even when she dashes to make another save, there's no seeing those unmentionables. She's rocking the polo look while staying chic and feminine in pink, and she's hardly breaking a sweat.

And then there's this gem from the 2010 U.S. Open, where we start to see a pattern:

Yes, that's a dress. Note her matching bedazzled undergarments. This is Venus confidently saying: I know my dress is short. In fact, it's so short I'm going to match my Spanx.

In this shot from yesterday's game, there's no denying her dress isn't exactly made for Sunday night dinner with Grandma. She told the media she considered wearing nude bottoms, but hesitantly pulled on black shorts, leaving something to the imagination.

It's just about focusing on the dress and not anything else. I mean, I had black shorts under.

Let's face it: Venus is on an entirely different playing field, both on the court and in the dressing room, than any other female player of her time. She's not only going to step onto the court and whip up a 110-mph serve, she's going to do it in an ensemble that channels her inner diva, complete with jewels and neon tones to match. She's 30, and making a statement that's getting everyone talking. Clearly, that's exactly what she's after.

Serve it up sister, I'm digging it. Just make sure your Spanx are on straight before stepping up to the service line.

What do you think of Venus' tennis gear?

Image via Edwin Martinez1/Flickr

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