Attack of the Ugly Handmade Hats

EtsyIf you've always longed for a tiny hat to perch atop your own enormous cranium ...

Well here's your chance, girls!

Yes! This me-so-fugly yellow hat can be yours for the bargain price of $35!

But you'd better act now!

There's only one of them!

You might think this hat is about as bad as it gets on Etsy ...

But you'd be wrong!

Click through to see some of the ugliest handmade hats the world has ever seen.









All eyes will be on you in this Eyeball Fascinator (Etsy, $35)!


EtsyOr perhaps you'd prefer this Feathered ... thing, on sale now for just $245!


EtsyI DEFY you to say no to this Pink Parfait Rococo Mini Tri Cornered Hat (Etsy, $50)!


EtsyGetting married? This Bridal Fascinator (Etsy, $82.50) will keep the focus on YOU, baby!

EtsyOMG! I've been looking for a hat that looks like a melting ice cream cone on my head for Idon'tknowhowlong! And it's only $32 on Etsy!!

Erm. (Etsy, $136.66)


EtsyAwww. A poorly made Hello Kitty hat (Etsy, $6). Just what I've always wanted.

Which hat is your fave?


Images via Etsy

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