On the List of Things My Husband Will Never Wear...

Louis Vuitton TattooA Louis Vuitton sleeve tattoo.

Whether or not this tattoo is fake is debatable. (I think it is. I HOPE it is.)(UPDATE: My tattoo experts out there swear this tattoo is real. *shudder*)

The fact that a man would actually wear this- and think it looks, like, cool- is just...


My husband will wear a lot of things, but a Louis Vuitton tattoo sleeve is one look I don't think he'll be wearing any time soon.

Want to see more fashions for men I don't think my husband will ever be caught dead in?

Read on-- and then share your own additions in the comments!






Madras Shorts

I may have to see my husband in Zoobas on a regular basis- but at least I don't have to ever worry about him wearing Madras Shorts.  YICK. Just because they carry them at Brooks Brothers, men, doesn't make it right.

FauxHawkThank God I don't have to worry about my husband getting one of those metrosexual haircuts all the hipsters are sporting. Dislike.

Porn StacheMy husband will never wear a porn stache. Or gold chains, for that matter.


XDress                                       He'll never wear women's underwear.

Ushanka                  And he'll never, ever wear an ushanka--- Oh wait. Yes he will. Damn.

What will your husband never be caught dead in? And what do you WISH he wouldn't be caught dead in?


Images (top to bottom): Yfrog, Brooks Brothers, Men's Hairstyles, Hockey Buzz, Xdress, WSMV

h/t: Racked


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