Forever 21 Maternity Line Makes Me Wish I Was Pregnant Again. Almost.

Forever 21Forever 21 isn't exactly advertising its maternity line yet on its home page, but you can find it if you simply do a search for 'maternity'... And I'm loving it!

Some have charged that Forever 21's maternity line implicitly gives the thumbs up to teen pregnancy, but in my opinion, the Forever 21 brand is PERFECT for maternity wear-

Pregnant women want clothing that's stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive, and it only needs to last a season. HELLO, FOREVER 21.

So far, what I'm seeing of the line is just perfect... like this Comfy Short Dress (Forever 21, $17.80), for example. So cute!

Click through to see more cute Forever 21 maternity clothes- and forward this link to your pregnant friends-I'm betting they haven't heard about this latest fashion development!





Forever 21Want stretch skinny jeans with a belly panel? Forever 21's got you covered, and these jeans are just $24.80!


Forever 21This Maternity V-Neck Tunic (Forever 21, $12.80) is exactly what I would have LIVED in when I was pregnant and it comes in three different colors. Love.

Forever 21You can't beat the price on this ruffle-neck maternity dress (Forever 21, $10.99 on sale).


Forever 21And here's a ruffled cardigan (Forever 21, $10.99 on sale) with another great price!

There are LOTS more cute maternity clothes available- Go to this page and see them for yourself!

What do you think of these maternity clothes? Would you buy them? Do you think it's wrong for Forever 21 to be selling maternity clothes?


Images via Forever 21

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