New Zodiac Signs: Flaunt Your New Sign With Clothing and Accessories!

Max and ChloeThe world is reeling at the news that scientists are saying the earth has moved on its axis or something and the Zodiac calendar has therefore changed. Others are saying the report is false and our signs are the same. I don't really understand what any of them are talking about, and I don't want to ...

I just know that if the scientists are right, this Gemini is now a Taurus and I'M PISSED.

Of course, if the truth be known, I think the whole astrology thing is a crock anyway. However, for those of you who are excited to (maybe?) have a new Zodiac symbol, I've got plenty of ways you can publicly flaunt it.

I have to admit, for example, that these Etoile Zodiac necklaces (Max & Chloe, $125) are totally cute!

Want to see more Zodiac clothing and accessory options? READ ON ... and tell me what you think about this whole astrology mess in the comments!


Singer 22Tell the world exactly what your new sign means with this Wildfox t-shirt (Singer 22, $77). As a Gemini, I used to be TROUBLE. Now, I'm all TRUST ME as a Taurus. Bored to tears already.

Tory BurchAvoid confusion entirely by buying a pair of these awesome Zodiac Pajamas (Tory Burch, $87.50 on sale), which feature every sign of the Zodiac (except for that pesky Ophiuchus).


Urban OutfittersWant to show off your sign on a budget? Check out this Zodiac Necklace (Urban Outfitters, $18).


Lord & TaylorThis BCBG Scorpio Burnout Tee (Lord & Taylor, $24 on sale) is a more understated way to share your sign with the world.


Max and ChloeFinally, I must admit that this pretty diamond Zodiac pendant (Max & Chloe, $60) almost makes me want to embrace my Taurus status. Almost.

Will you wear your new symbol? Or are you sticking with the old school Zodiac calendar?


Images (top to bottom): Max & Chloe, Singer 22, Tory Burch, Urban Outfitters, Lord & Taylor, Max & Chloe

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