Gucci Mane Tattoo on Face: Proves His Love for Ice Cream

Gucci Mane tattoo face ice cream coneHey, Gucci Mane, I love ice cream cones, too. So so much! And I miss ice cream cones in the wintertime a lot! It's really tough to go without one for so long when it's cold outside.

So I thought I really really loved ice cream cones until I saw your face today. And wow, getting an ice cream cone tattooed on your cheek can really show a girl up in the ice-cream-loving department. Man, that triple scoop stacked up real high ... that is some dedication to ice cream. And yeah man, I'd be down with eating a cone like that right about now. I hope no one's brazen enough to walk up to you and give it a big lick.


Just a week of Anchor Hospital in Atlanta where he was being treated for substance abuse and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, rapper Gucci Mane stepped out today showing off this fresh (and not small) ice cream tattoo on his cheek.

"Brr," which is written inside the scoop, is actually Gucci's favorite catchphrase, and he's been known to wear a blinged out triple scoop cone on a chain, too. So yeah, I guess he just really loves ice cream. Or he really wants to get licked!

They must not have had Make Your Own Sundae day in the treatment center last week because Gucci came out jonesing for some cold stuff. So badly he had to take drastic measures! Well, it's ice cream every day for you now, dude.

What do you think of Gucci's new facial tattoo?


Image via @MRPRCNG

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