Disney Wedding Dresses: Are We Five Again? (Video)


If there is any day you want to feel like a princess, it's on your wedding day. And now, thanks to the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection by Alfred Angelo, you can. Yes, seriously.

Grown women are now going to be dressed up like Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, and Sleeping Beauty on their big days. As if weddings weren't over-the-top enough, now we are supposed to be encouraging this? My 4-year-old loves to play princess. She has a trunk full of dress-up clothing and demands to be treated as she feels she should be.

A wedding isn't a fairy tale, though. And this will only encourage a culture that seems to think it is, a culture hell bent on turning every woman into the dreaded "bridezilla."

What decision do we make more mature and "adult" than the choice of who we marry? Do we really want to do this with a 4-year-old sensibility? Here is the collection:

OK, now that I got all the "holy lord, this is insane" crap out of the way, I will admit the dresses are pretty nice. If I were engaged, I could see being drawn to them (pun intended), especially the one "designed for Jasmine."

But still. I just couldn't. It was designed for a Disney princess. That is too weird, people! Celebs are getting in on it, too. Deanna Pappas, once rejected by current Bachelor Brad Womack, is rumored to be wearing one.

The dresses are priced well, ranging from $599-$1,199, which makes them anything but obnoxiously royal and pretentious. If only they weren't named for kids' movies. The seven dresses themselves are actually quite lovely.

What do you think of them?


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sweet... sweetheart1985

Well yeah, you make the decision to get married with your grown-up brain. But you decide on which awesome dress you're going to wear with your inner princess!!

Me? I love the dresses! I wish I could wear one all day long! But I like fancy, pretty stuff. xD

ZsMommy ZsMommy

I thought the gowns looked pretty.

ready... readyforbaby3

i think they are really pretty i'd wear them, when i read the article before seeing the videa i thought they were going to be childish looking dresses but they aren't. they are nice!

Guinh... Guinhyvar

... I don't understand why this bothers you so much? So what if their inspiration for wedding gowns is drawn from Disney? How is that a negative? Yes, who you marry is absolutely one of the most important decisions of your life, but HOW you do it should be as unique or traditional as you like! And before you wonder if I was one of those who had an "over the top weddings", I got married in a pair of jeans at the courthouse. And that's about as fancy as I like to get, so that's why it was the way it was. 

However, I have three daughters, and all of them have their own unique styles. If one of them wanted get married wearing an actual costume, I would absolutely support it. It shouldn't matter to me; it's definitely your day, and you should wear whatever you want, no matter where you get the inspiration from.

And as to your assessment that a "wedding is not a fairy tale"... um, yeah, it kinda is. A better statement would perhaps be that a "marriage is not a fairy tale...", I think. 


idaspida idaspida

I loved Belle's dress.

butte... butterflyfreak

I thought the dresses were gorgeous and I would totally wear one, if I could afford it. LOL I agree with the first poster, you choose to get married with your grown-up brain but that doesn't mean you can't indulge your inner princess when it comes to your wedding dress!

Sara VanReken Niverba

I would wear one...I mean, all dresses get their inspiration from somewhere, and at least these have a wholesome place of inspiration instead of some other gowns out there that just look trashy.

Angie Steigerwald

There is nothing wrong with wanting a Disney Princess inspired dress. It's not like they are making the wedding dresses look like the kids dress up ones in the toy store. I think all the dresses, even the one that isn't on my "radar" (the Sleeping Beauty one) are beautiful.

kelli... kelli0585

It's *inspired.* 

Fashion is inspired by wacky things all the time.  I don't understand the harshness of this post, and I'm single never-been-married.


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