Disney Wedding Dresses: Are We Five Again? (Video)

If there is any day you want to feel like a princess, it's on your wedding day. And now, thanks to the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection by Alfred Angelo, you can. Yes, seriously.

Grown women are now going to be dressed up like Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, and Sleeping Beauty on their big days. As if weddings weren't over-the-top enough, now we are supposed to be encouraging this? My 4-year-old loves to play princess. She has a trunk full of dress-up clothing and demands to be treated as she feels she should be.

A wedding isn't a fairy tale, though. And this will only encourage a culture that seems to think it is, a culture hell bent on turning every woman into the dreaded "bridezilla."

What decision do we make more mature and "adult" than the choice of who we marry? Do we really want to do this with a 4-year-old sensibility? Here is the collection:


OK, now that I got all the "holy lord, this is insane" crap out of the way, I will admit the dresses are pretty nice. If I were engaged, I could see being drawn to them (pun intended), especially the one "designed for Jasmine."

But still. I just couldn't. It was designed for a Disney princess. That is too weird, people! Celebs are getting in on it, too. Deanna Pappas, once rejected by current Bachelor Brad Womack, is rumored to be wearing one.

The dresses are priced well, ranging from $599-$1,199, which makes them anything but obnoxiously royal and pretentious. If only they weren't named for kids' movies. The seven dresses themselves are actually quite lovely.

What do you think of them?


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