'Glee' Nail Polish Makes Me Feel Old

In news that ought to please Glee fans, Sephora by OPI is about to launch a Glee Nail Polish Collection. And this is not your mama's nail polish. Literally. If you're older than 30, it's a bad idea for your fingers and possibly even your toes.

The OPI Glee Nail Polish Collection will include seven shades named as inside jokes for fans of the show. They include a vibrant purple shade named ‘Hell to the No’; glittery lime green ‘Gleek Out’; an opaque light blue ‘Slushied‘; an on-trend poppy pink ‘Diva-in-Training‘; peacock green ‘Who Let the Dorks Out‘; a pearlescent green gray ‘Mash-Up‘; and a rich raspberry shade named ‘Miss Bossy Pants.'

All cute, right? And the shades are fun. If you're 15. Sorry, ladies, the bright colors are just not for us.


We want to wear the trendy colors and I totally understand why, but the greens and hot pinks and blues and oranges are really better left to the younger ladies.

Don't worry, there are still plenty of colors left. Pale pinks and whites and reds and even muted hotter pinks, but unless we're going to a costume ball, the louder colors aren't for us. If I'm feeling bold, I always express it on my toes rather than my fingers. So buy this kit for your teenage niece and let her paint your toes!

But please ladies of a certain age, do not wear these colors yourselves. Even if you love Glee (as we all do). There are certain trends best left in high school.

Would you wear these colors?


Image via FashionFrame

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