Snow Days With the Kids: What to Wear

Snow Day
Does your yard look like this today?
Today for me is Snow Day #3, so pardon me if my sanity appears to be wearing thin!

I love my kids, but snow days sort of suck. Since my husband, a TV reporter, always has to work, that leaves ME to take the kids sledding and snowman-building and snowball-making and all the other things children absolutely MUST do when there's six inches of snow outside.


A few years ago, I would have headed out into the snow in whatever I could throw together.

But over the last couple of years, I've gotten smarter. I now have a snow uniform that keeps me feeling both warm and stylish -- and that's important when the top of the sledding hill is the extent of the socializing I'm going to encounter for the next few days. 

Want to see what I'm wearing, and find out how you can easily get a chic snow day look for yourself? Keep on reading!



Snow DayHere's at least a part of my snow uniform. It consists of a super-warm black Lands' End all-weather jacket, black leggings (with black tights underneath for added warmth), red Hunter boots, and red gloves.

This year, I added in an oversized red scarf and my Taylor Swift-inspired red beanie from Old Navy.

BOOM. I'm color-coordinated.

If you can afford it at all, I'd say investing in a black snow-friendly coat, ski gloves, and matching boots is a must.

Lands' EndI love my Lands' End coat, because even though it's lightweight, it's super-warm. This Sport Squall Insulated Jacket (Lands' End, $69.99 on sale) is similar to mine, and it's available at a great discount right now!

Charlotte RusseI splurged last year on a pair of Hunter Boots, which I plan to wear forever, but you can find cute boots for far less. Charlotte Russe always has a great selection. These Zebra Print Boots are just $30 and would fit a black/white/red color scheme, and if you buy them now, you can choose another pair of CR shoes for just $15!


Fera Angelina Stretch PantI'd love to invest next in a slim-fitting pair of ski pants, like these Fera Angelina Stretch Pants (Masseys Outfitters, $151.80 on sale). Not only could I wear them on ski trips, they also make great, waterproof pants for snow days!

I'm a big fan now of investing in one fabulous cold-weather piece per year -- I wear my Lands' End coat and Hunter boots infrequently enough that I expect them to last me years, yet both have been absolutely invaluable at various times during fall and winter. Find yourself matching scarf, boots, and hat (which are available anywhere at relatively inexpensive prices) and you'll be the belle of the backyard!

What's your snow day uniform?

Images (top to bottom): Lindsay Ferrier, Lindsay Ferrier, Lands' End, Charlotte RusseMasseys Outfitters

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