Beyond Fluffy Robes: Hotel Fashion You Won't Believe!

w hotel the storeFashion by great designers is starting to show up everywhere! It was cool enough when we started getting amazing clothing design in Target, but now good fashion is available in hotels, too. And this isn't your wealthy golf-clubbing lady leisure wear. Nope, no pastel collared golf tees with animal insignias here. We're talking stylish wears by up and coming designers!

The trendy W Hotels chain has launched its first fashion collection, which includes exclusive designs from from chic designers like Lulu Frost, Minnie Mortimer, Porcelain, and more.

Let's take a look. It's hotel fashion fit for a traveling style maven!


Once I stayed at the W Hotel, and I did buy a canvas bag that was crazy cute and pretty affordable too. I'm not sure what I would have done had there been great clothes to choose from too -- quite possibly never left the hotel! Between room service and in-house boutique shopping, I could hole up for a week in there and sweat the credit card bill later.

Here are some of the designs currently in The Store at the W Hotel:

wood dress minni mortimer

Wool Dress by Minnie Mortimer ($211)

lace sleeveless top porcelain

Ivory Lace Sleeveless Top by Porcelain ($132)

velvet blazer minnie mortimer

Velvet Blazer by Minnie Mortimer ($319)

gold mesh bracelet lulu frost

Gold Mesh Bracelet by Lulu Frost ($200)

Great looking stuff, right? And yeah, we're certainly not talking Target prices here, but we're also not seeing skyrocket prices like the ones in the SoHo shops either.

Would you go shopping at the W Hotel for clothing? What other venue do you wish would start selling great designer clothing?


Images via W Hotels The Store

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