Rumer Willis vs. Katie Holmes: Who's the Better Celebrity Model?

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Rumer WillisBadgley Mischka has released photos of its newest celebrity model: the famous-for-being-offspring Rumer Willis!

Rumer, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (as if you didn't know), has always cultivated a quirky 'awkward teen' look, so I find her a curious choice for a designer of romantic, feminine gowns.

But in the photos, Rumer has certainly never looked better.

"It was so amazing to play on the beach in beautiful and timeless gowns," she said of the photo shoot. "I felt like a princess."

And she's not the only new celebrity face for a clothing brand.

Our girl Katie Holmes is featured in the latest ad campaign for a clothing retailer She's Still Got It fans are crazy about.

Click through to find out what it is!

Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor!


Katie's a perfect face for this brand -- she is understated, elegant, and exactly the type of woman the typical Ann Taylor customer wants to emulate.

Great job, AT!

Expect to see Katie in Ann Taylor's March advertisements. I can't wait.

And speaking of Ann Taylor, you can get 40% off your total Ann Taylor order today (including new arrivals!) with the code ENTIRE40. W00t.

What do you think of these celebrity spokesmodel choices?


Images via Badgley Mischka and Ann Taylor

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hippi... hippiemama28

It's tough to decide. Rumer is just like both of her parents, you know, following in their footsteps. And Katie started out playing on "Dawson's Creek" in the late 90s. The point I'm making is they're both good. They're just beautiful.

River... RiverRainsMom

I wish they were more of a normal average size..... Don't really care which one is the better model as they both look like they could stand to eat a cheeseburger.....

Anne Sambora Ginsberg

Rumer looks like she's biting her thumbnail and Katie looks stoned, bored and dead all at once. And the photography is so lousy that all I can see is shadows and creases, not any details of her outfit. Reshoot!

nonmember avatar Rebecca

I actually had a conversation with the sales clerks at Ann Taylor the last time I was in there, about how much I despised their latest ad campaign with Heidi Klum. Not that Ms. Klum isn't a great model, she's just NOT the AT "type". I cannot relate to her worth a damn, and the clerks agreed that several people had already told them the same thing!

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