Nicole Eggert Fat Video: I've Never Not Laughed So Hard in My Life

Funny or DieFormer Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert has gained some weight since her "lifeguarding" days.

I'd wouldn't call her fat -- but apparently Hollywood begs to differ.

That's why she's the "hilarious" punchline of a new video on Funny or Die, in which she runs to save two men who are pretending to be drowning, only to be waved back to shore because she's too fat and not "hot" enough to save them. 

I wasn't laughing as I watched this video. How about you? See it for yourself after the jump.


Here's the video:

I'm pretty confident about my body, generally speaking -- but after watching this video, I have to admit I felt ashamed of myself.

Motherhood has taken its toll on my tummy -- and if a blond, tanned, and still lovely Nicole Eggert is considered so fat that she can be mocked for her weight in a spoof video, I don't even want to imagine what people would say if I dared to hit the beach in a bikini in all my glorious imperfection.

In fact, this video is making me want to wear a burka the next time I go swimming.

I love a good joke, but I have to say I think this video offensive, demeaning, and worst of all, NOT FUNNY.

I'm pretty sure Nicole technically falls in a healthy weight category. Screw Funny or Die for making women everywhere who can identify with Nicole's "real" body feel like cows.

What do you think?


Image via Funny or Die

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