The Kennedys Miniseries Canceled: Boo, History Channel!

The KennedysThe History Channel dropped a bomb this weekend, announcing it will not be airing the heavily-publicized, eight-hour miniseries, The Kennedys.

The news is devastating to those of us who've spent the last several months enjoying the paparazzi's photos of a Jackie Kennedy-clad Katie Holmes on the set. She was a dead ringer for the First Lady and I was really looking forward to seeing her costumes in the series.

The History Channel didn't care about me, though. Executives viewed the series and decided it just wasn't accurate enough to fit the History Channel's standards.


Check out Katie's dead-on portrayal of Mrs. Kennedy and see a trailer of the abandoned mini-series after the jump.



Check this out...

Katie Holmes

OMG. Dead Ringer

See what I mean? IT'S UNCANNY.

Given all the publicity surrounding this series, as well as its all-star cast, I'm certain it will be picked up by another cable network any minute now- Let's hope so, anyway! This series has DVR written all over it!

In the meantime, check out this trailer and tell me what you think. Do you want to see The Kennedys?


Images via The History Channel, Splash News

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