Winter Attire That Is Both Warm AND Stylish? For Real!

In the middle of winter, it can often feel like we're stuck in a fashion rut. There are currently about 25 inches of snow in giant banks along all the streets around my house, a layer of ice on every sidewalk, and slush and mud almost everywhere. It isn't the time for sexy leather boots or spiked heels or even cute leather coats or jean jackets.

All isn't entirely lost, though. There are some fashionable alternatives that can make you feel at least semi-presentable while also keeping your feet dry and your arms warm.

Here are a couple coats and some pairs of boots that will make you actually want another snow day. Maybe.

Sexy winter gear:



The Hunter Andora Wedge: $175

I was lucky enough to get to try a sample pair of these and they are the real deal. Cute enough to wear out to dinner, but warm and dry enough to shovel snow in (seriously, I tried it). They are a splurge, but in the dead of winter, the cheer they bring is well worth it. Plus, Hunter has been around for ages and the boots last years and years.

Sorel's Woman Firenzy: $200

The Sorel boots keep your feet dry and warm, but look like sophisticated going-out shoes. They are warm with good traction, but also sexy. You will be proud to wear them.

Chooka Plaid: $80

For something a little different, these boots add some pop and color to any drab winter outfit. At $80, they are also a bit more affordable than the other pairs.

North Face Puffer: $180

This jacket is stylish and warm, warm, warm. Wear it on the coldest days and feel both cozy and sexy. It evokes that ski bunny in Aspen feel all men go nuts for. 

Leopard Print Faux Fur: $70

This is for those days when you really just need to feel hot. I know some hate faux fur, but I happen to love it, and this coat makes me want to meow. It's like wearing a big stuffed animal.

What do you wear when it gets super cold?


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