Harry Potter Tattoos: I've Reached the End of the Internet

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Harry Potter TattooAs I searched last week for Twilight tattoos, I came across something equally disturbing:

A frighteningly large number of Harry Potter tattoos.

I'm guessing most of the tattoo-ees will wish they'd never gotten that permanent drawing of Daniel Radcliffe on their forearm 20 years from now, but Paul Croft, pictured at the left, is already regretting his massive Dumbledore tattoo, which he got as a surprise for his five children.

Shortly after the tattoo was finished, Harry Potter author JK Rowling revealed that Dumbledore was gay.

"It's been terrible," Croft told the U.K. Sun. "I've always liked Dumbledore -- just not in that way. I went into work and everyone was sniggering ..."

Want to see more Harry Potter tattoos? You know you do!

Keep reading!

Harry Potter TattooHarry, Hermione, and Ron might have grown up, but not on this guy's forearm ...


Harry Potter TattooReal pain, that is ...


Harry Potter TattooForget the Crips and the Bloods. If you let on that you're a member of the House of Slytherin, you'll really strike fear into people's hearts ... (That well-ordered shoe rack in the background makes him seem EVEN MORE MENACING, doesn't it?)


Harry Potter TattooThis is Harry Potter from that alternate ending, where Voldemort ended up killing Harry and they found his body three days later ...


Harry PotterHmmmmm ... I think antipsychotic drugs may be the best hope you have. But what do I know?


Harry Potter TattooGood thing there's a caption on this tat. Otherwise, I might have mistaken that thing for Yoda.


Harry Potter TattooWait a second. Isn't that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Tattooed? UH OH ...


Harry Potter TattooOMG dot com.


Harry Potter TattooAwww, how cute! A Harry Potter charm bracelet! After all, why narrow it down to just one HP symbol when you have so many to choose from?


Harry Potter TattooDude. Is that a young boy wizard on your forearm? Now that's badass.


Harry Potter TattooI don't think this fan will ever have to worry about anyone copying this tattoo ...


Harry Potter TattooI'm pretty sure this means "Loser" in English.


Harry Potter TattooFrom the tattoo's owner: "This is my Snape tattoo. I’ve been reading Harry Potter for over half my life now, and the books honestly mean so much more to me than I could ever explain. Snape has been my favorite character forever, and I am proud to say that I always had faith in him. This tattoo shows his love for Lily, always. It also represents that the book series and his character will always have a huge place in my heart."

Hardcore, my friends. HARDCORE.

Images (top to bottom): Reason, Bite, SylvsCothran.com, Bite, The Modern Day Pirates, Bite, SylvsCothran.com, Bite, The Modern Day Pirates, Bite, FanPop, CosForums.com, Bloody Hell HP Tattoos


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nonmember avatar Ash

I'd never do it, but I really like the charm bracelet and Snape tattoos.

sherl... sherlokke

they only tattoo i've seen related to a movie was my friend's of in the inscription from the rings in the lord of the rings BOOKS around my friends' wrists. he's had them probably a good 15+ years... i know little to nothing about the movies or books (except j.r.r. tolkien wrote them), thanks to trying to watch the opening of one of the movies while experiencing some... side effects.... golem freaked me out. I've always liked my friend's tattoos.

i don't even get music band related tattoos, logos and whatnot. my first good-sized tattoo IS related to the death of 'dimebag' darrell abbott of pantera and dalworthington gardens/pantego/arlington texas, and it was done about two days after the shooting by his nephew, a good friend of mine. it has no real connection to the band or music; he had been quoting me on a cover-up and finally called and said, "i just wanna drink some, be around good people, and do some ink."

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Is it a bad sign that I like some of those tattoos?

poshkat poshkat

i like the weasly is my king and the charm braclet. i wanted a HP tattoo but decided it was too much

Marsh... MarshaCWP

I think a lot of these tattooed people don't understand that the Harry Potter and Twilight characters are FICTIONAL.  They must not want to deal with the reality of their lives.

My reaction when I see this is sadness for these people.  How empty and boring must life be to even consider doing something like this?  Especially the guy who wanted to "surprise" his five children.  I can think of many, many other things to do to surprise my kids.

Jill Richardson Berry

I don't get why people get tattoos. I don't want to get my ears pierced. getting an HP tattoo is the equivalent of getting the boyfriend/girlfriend name tatto. I know it's a popular film, but Dumbledore?? On your back??

natas... natashajparker

Oh my word. I love Harry Potter but not much. This is too freaky. Gave me a good laugh.

Paula Quick

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Millenium series (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo etc) however I'm not about to get a giant dragon tattoo on me. Even though that would at least make a little more sense. Just sayin.

gypsy... gypsysmiles

Yeah...no. Oh, and the second tattoo... the one of HP who will never age... that's a leg, not a forearm.

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