Jumpin Jammerz: Because Morons Need Clothes, Too

Jumpin JammerzForget about PajamaJeans.

Jumpin' Jammerz are the latest consumer fashion craze ...

No, I'm sorry to say, I am not even kidding.

These footed pajamas are being mass-produced in an array of eye-scarring colors and patterns for grown men and women to wear around the house.

And some of them include a special feature that would have Coco Chanel spinning in her grave ...

Click through to see it for yourself!






Jumpin Jammerz

A drop-seat.

Can you even imagine getting mooned by someone in a pair of Jumpin' Jammerz?!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Another important feature of these $49.99 pajamas is that if you wear them, you apparently can't stop striking bizarre poses.

Jumpin Jammerz


Jumpin Jammerz


Jumpin JammerzDead birds. Twilight tattoos. Jumpin' Jammerz.

All signs point to the fact that the End Times are DEFINITELY at hand.

What do you think of Jumpin Jammerz?


Images via Jumpin Jammerz

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squish squish

Hahahaha! If I was a youth leader and we were having a New Year's lock-in or something, I would definitely get one, although without the butt flap. :)

Linds... LindsayFerrier

You're right- They all actually do look like youth leaders, don't they?!

Nicole Collier

My husband has wanted footed pajamas for YEARS! We are 31. he is nuts. These are hideous and absolutely ridunkulous!

Kerry Kirmse Popovits

Oh no, I sense all three of my girls asking for this soon. They're 22, 19 and 13.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I could see my teens wanting these, too. On kids and teenagers, I guess they're okay.

On grown men and women?


Karina Plecker

I want some! But I'd probably have to buy men's since most ladies sizes don't fit 6' tall me. I like the pink ones with lips!!

For lounging around the house, they'd be great. It's not like you'd wear them in public.... except at a youth lock-in, of course.

jeann... jeannesager

OK, drop seat: gross. However, as someone who is ALWAYS cold and lives in the Northeast and doesn't want to spend a gazillion dollars on oil bills to heat the bedrooms just because her husband steals the covers, I will admit it . . . I own a pair.


nonmember avatar musicjunkie

These have actually been around for years. Someone just slapped a quirky name on them along with a bigger sticker price. I'm a total kid at heart, I would have so much fun sliding around on the hardwood floors in my house playing with my dogs.

momto... momtothemax2910

As ridiculous as they look a want a pair so I stop waking up cold because my pajama legs are pulled up to my knees and my shirt all bunched up. These would totally solve that problem!

Elizabeth Pattison

They will be good to wear camping outdoor in Dec. :)

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