Is the End Near for Balding Men?

Next to a tiny penis, few things make men as self-conscious as male pattern baldness, but it affects nearly 50 million American men and 20 million American women. Now, researchers are saying there might be a cure within 10 years.

This is not just news for the men, y'all. This is groundbreaking stuff for all of us, even us women lucky enough to still have thick hair. Take a moment and let that sink in, ladies. We could be running our fingers through Patrick Dempsey's luscious locks and not just over our husband's scalp in 10 years. Ten years?!

Male pattern baldness isn't just a cosmetic issue, though it's often treated as such. For many men, it's a serious enough blow to their self-esteem to fuel a multimillion-dollar industry devoted to hair restoration. And every time I want to fault my husband for freaking out over hair loss, I ask myself how I would feel in the same situation. You'd better believe I'd pay thousands of dollars to fix it!


Recent estimates claim that more than $3.5 billion is already spent on hair restoration attempts like Rogaine and Hair Club for Men, but this breakthrough is something new and might blow those out of the water. Perhaps for them this is not good news after all.

According to ABC News:

Researchers originally thought that men who were balding must have fewer of the necessary stem cells that produce hair. They were stunned to learn that the number of cells in bald men was actually the same as in men with full heads of hair ... Scientists say, with those stem cells in the scalp already, all that needs to happen is to get those cells to produce the secondary cells that produce hair.

I, for one, am pretty thrilled with the idea that my husband's hair could be back to what it was when we first met (at the age of 10) and both he and I could enjoy it. Of course, not all men are horrified by the balding look. Just look at Billy Zane in the photo above! Hot baldie! Or Yul Brynner. Bald is not bad if you own it.

If you let it consume you or try to do a comb-over (shudder), then yes. It's bad. And we will date you in 10 years when you are cured.

Does this breakthrough excite you?


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