Khloe Kardashian Red Hair: Becomes #1 Sister (Photos)

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe still a brunette at Christma
Khloe Kardashian is nothing if not the rogue Kardashian sister (and my favorite sister at that). Famously the mouthy but lovable sister on the show, she never misses a beat in sharing her opinions about all the family matters. Khloe is also always the first one to point out any glaring elephants in the room (Scott IS a douche! We totally agree ...). Most favorably, Khloe is never a wussy pushover like, eh em, her lovely sisters often can be.

So with her extra-special brand of Kardashian personality and the new Khloé & Lamar spinoff in the works, it appears Khloe is setting herself apart in the looks department too.

See Khloe's new red locks after the jump.


Khloe has traded the famous Kardashian brunette tresses for red ones and set herself apart even more now from her dark-haired sisters. She debuted her new hair alongside her sisters at the People's Choice Awards where Keeping Up With the Kardashians won an award in the category of Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure.

Check out Khloe's new scarlet hair:

Khloe Kardashian red hair

Doesn't the new red look lovely with her skin and eyes? Love this even more Khloe-ful Khloe. It looks gorgeous! Her stylist did a beautiful job, and we can't wait to see how Khloe sets herself apart even more going forward.

Khloe Kardashian = Kardashian Sister #1

What do you think of Khloe's new red hair? Love it or leave it?


Image via Michael Caulfield/Getty

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