Eva Longoria & Her Makeup Malfunction Should Comfort Us All

Eva Longoria could apparently use a little makeup lesson. The 35-year-old actress went out to dinner the other night sporting a makeup malfunction, the likes of which most of us have likely not seen since we spent our middle school years learning to apply it.

The number one sign that a woman is wearing too much makeup is always the dreaded two-tone mistake. Remember those girls whose necks were a different color than their face because of foundation overuse? That rookie mistake is about what happened to poor Eva.

In the picture on left, Eva appears to have applied a concealer that was a tone lighter than her skin tone. The result is the raccoon-like appearance we might get if we were out in the sun too long with a pair of sunglasses.


Sorry Eva, but your mistake makes me feel better about my decision to rarely (if ever) wear makeup. Nothing says "trying too hard" like going out looking like you don't know how to apply makeup, or worse, do it like a 12-year-old.

Been there, done that. When I was younger, I made enough makeup mistakes to know I was better off without it. Lesson learned. The angry clown look was not for me.

Besides, the whole idea of makeup is applying it so that it enhances your appearance, not so that it's obvious and terrible to look at. An angry circus raccoon isn't a look most of us would want to wear out to dinner. It's such a shame, too, that a woman who looks so beautiful without a stitch of makeup on (and who dresses so well, to boot) could make such a rookie makeup mistake. 

Next time go out bare, Eva! You have perfect skin and a flawless complexion! Why muddy it with bad makeup?

Have you ever had an embarrassing makeup flub?


Image via Splash

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