Eva Longoria and Her Concealer Disaster

Eva LongoriaPoor, poor Eva Longoria.

Clearly her marital troubles are taking their toll on her.

How else can you explain Eva's concealer disaster?

And it's not just the lighting. Click through to see more photos, as well as shots of other celebs who apparently attempted to apply their makeup sans mirror.


The Daily Mail documents Eva's disastrous night out at Hollywood's Katsuya Restaurant with actor Kevin Connolly in excruciating detail.

Seriously, did no one have the guts to tell her that she was taking the Raccoon Eyes look to a whole new level?

How did Brian Connolly sit across from her throughout an entire meal without saying ... SOMETHING?! ANYTHING?!

At least we can be assured that Eva did her own hair and makeup that evening.

Certain stars we all know and love have had far more horrible makeup malfunctions on the red carpet, where stylists are ostensibly supposed to keep this sort of thing from happening.

Inspired by Eva, Too Fab created an entire gallery of celeb makeup malfunction pictures. (Be sure to use the zoom effect -- it's pretty awesome!)

If nothing else, they make me feel better about my own amateur makeup application skills.

Hey, if Nicole could go out in public looking like that, I MUST BE OKAY.

What do you think of Eva's eyes?


Image via Splash News

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