TSA Confiscates Deadly Fashion Items

Christian Louboutin shoesTSA, you've taken away our supplies of breast milk, broken our urine bags, but now you've gone too far. You've confiscated our $1,245 Louboutins. Now you've crossed the line.

Taz Arnold was passing through security when TSA agents deemed his Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike shoes a threat to society. In fact, they referred to them as "weapons." This is the same security that allows items such as metal scissors onto planes. After a big ordeal, the man was finally allowed to keep his adorned footwear.

The only people that should have intervened for wearing these shoes are the fashion police. To consider them a weapon is just ridiculous. Though, as with all TSA horror stories, this isn't the first outrageous beauty item that they've zeroed in on. Here are some other situations where TSA found our fashion picks threatening:


Back in November, while a group of heavily armed service men and women were going through security, the TSA swooped in on the deadliest weapon of all. Not the rifles or high-powered pistols they were carrying, oh no. It was their nail clippers that got confiscated.

Even before the TSA went on their power kick, they were pretty unforgiving. In 2008, a woman was forced to remove her nipple rings in a Dallas airport. She was told she could not board until she removed them, so she was taken behind a curtain and managed to remove one bar-shaped piercing but had trouble with the second, a ring. Crying, she said she couldn't remove it without pliers, which the male attendants quickly provided as they snickered at her situation.

Let this be a warning to you, supporting the ladies should not be done in airports. A woman's flight was delayed in California because she was wearing an underwire bra. She had to go into a restroom to remove the bra, and, being a big-breasted woman, obviously she felt extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed.

What are some of the most outrageous things you've had confiscated?


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