Could These Louboutins Be Weapons?

TSA LouboutinsOne traveler learned the hard way that TSA doesn't take well to certain pairs of Louboutins.

tAzArnold took to Twitter to complain that TSA tried to confiscate his $1,245 pair of Rollerboy Louboutins, calling them "weapons."




According to the website Nice Kicks:

We checked the TSA regulations website and apparently you can get away with metal scissors, hand tools including screw drivers if less than 7″ in length, but apparently 1/4" long “spikes” with dulled tips spaced evenly across a shoe is a problem.

tAzArnold had this to say on Twitter:

"why did airport security TSA try and jAck my 'louboutin$' these are weApon$! wtf? killA $wAg!"


I travel enough to see some RIDICULOUS footwear go through security. In fact, the last time I traveled, I was held up for quite a while by a girl in front of me whose zippers were stuck on her platform high-heeled booties. She eventually had to get out of line, and by the time I got through security, she STILL couldn't get them off.

I've learned to wear only comfortable shoes for air travel. The last thing I want to do is walk half a mile with my carry-on in super-high heels.

However, I'm not sure that even the most ridiculous high-fashion shoes are an actual security risk. If TSA is going to confiscate these particular Louboutin men's shoes, they might as well also start confiscating all stiletto heels. I mean, didn't anyone at TSA see Single White Female?

Just sayin'.

Do you think TSA is going overboard lately?


Image via Twitter

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